Eddie Montgomery Talks Pain He’s Been Carrying Around for a ‘Long Time’ | PEOPLE.com

“A lot of us love people and we try to keep our private life our private life, but when you are hurting a bit, that hurt can come through a pencil, and that’s when you know you got to let it out,” the country singer-songwriter tells PEOPLE
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Spencer Crandall Embraces His ‘Quirky’ Side as He Goes Country: ‘It’s So Much More Relatable’ | PEOPLE.com

“Instagram is filled with people posting their highlight reel and constantly smiling and never admitting to their faults,” the rising country singer-songwriter says. “I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I really attempt to be authentic”
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Morgan Wallen Invited by NAACP to Learn Why N-Word Is ‘So Hurtful’ | PEOPLE.com

“Even when you look at the other words that were spoken, that one has a certain venom that the words just don’t have,” attorney and Nashville NAACP president Sheryl Guinn said
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Reba McEntire Reveals She’s Dating New Boyfriend Rex Linn: He’s a β€˜Sweetheart of a Guy’ | News Break

Reba McEntire is officially off the market! The iconic country singer revealed she’s been dating her new boyfriend, Rex Linn, since early 2020. Reba gushed over the β€œsweetheart of a guy” during a new episode of her podcast, β€œLiving & Learning.”. β€œYeah, I am [dating] Rex Linn … and we’ve…
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Gwen Stefani’s 14-Year-Old Son Drags β€˜Disgusting’ Country Music Despite His Mom Dating Blake Shelton! | Celebrity Insider

Many insider reports have been saying that Blake Shelton and his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani’s boys get along really well! However, that’s not to
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Tennessee Senate passes resolution honoring life of music legend Charlie Daniels | WZTV

A Tennessee resolution honoring the life of country and rock music legend Charlie Daniels is one step closer to being adapted. During a special session Tuesday, the Tennessee Senate passed the resolution, SJR 8011, with a vote of 28 to 0. Daniels, a member of the Grand Ole Opry and a Country Music Hall of Famer, died at the age of 83. Daniels passed away at Summit Medical Center in Hermitage after doctors say he suffered a stroke.
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