Eddie Montgomery Talks Pain He’s Been Carrying Around for a ‘Long Time’ | PEOPLE.com

“A lot of us love people and we try to keep our private life our private life, but when you are hurting a bit, that hurt can come through a pencil, and that’s when you know you got to let it out,” the country singer-songwriter tells PEOPLE
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Toby Keith Releases a Not So ‘Happy Birthday America’ Song | Newsmax.com

In ”Happy Birthday America,” country singer-songwriter Toby Keith’s lyrics suggest that the hallmark of American exceptionalism may be a thing of the past. In the song, he asks:  Who they gonna count on/when you’re not there to take their call?/Will the world keep right on spinnin’/without the greatest of them all?

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Spencer Crandall Embraces His ‘Quirky’ Side as He Goes Country: ‘It’s So Much More Relatable’ | PEOPLE.com

“Instagram is filled with people posting their highlight reel and constantly smiling and never admitting to their faults,” the rising country singer-songwriter says. “I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I really attempt to be authentic”
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