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Gwen Stefani: Too much surgery?

Many of the commenters suggested that Stefani was wearing too much make-up or speculated that she had undergone a procedure of some sort.
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Foggy Friday & Gannon @GannonAdams

On the sofa under the blankets with the dog and the space heater watching InvestigationDiscovery which is one of my addictions. The channel always has something fabulously interesting. Sometimes I just keep the television locked on the channel since there’s always something great. If our television isn’t on InvestigationDiscovery,it’s on Discovey Life Channel,MTV or something broadcasting sports. If I’m not watching television,I’m listening to my music on iTunes,which is 99% country music. I’ve loved country since I was 19. Of course I love all the household names in country, but my new found Twitter friend Gannon Adams has been draining my phone’s battery.