Morphe Babe KOP

Good evening, I am still waiting to hear back from Morphe about the Jeffree star meet and greet-whether I win or not it’s going to be an awesome event to know that he is coming to my town to do the grand opening of the King of Prussia location. Rest assured, I will update as soon as possible whether or not I won. I am going to do a little bit more work on the canine blanket and relax considering that I have had two beers. Because I can and because I love my companies that I do promotion for. overall today was a good day I enjoyed my time with my girls I enjoyed my time with Dr. Phil. And I have enjoyed being single I think I will admit that it is strange being on my own after going off and on with people for many years I am happy that I don’t have that anxiety that aggravation of not knowing what’s going to happen next-I swear to God every single flirtationship I have found myself in over the years has never panned out to be anything more than one date. I guess that’s one way of saying I have not met my Mr. Right. I have met everything but Mr. right even when you look at my ex-boyfriend obviously they were not the right man I don’t know if my autism or any other β€œdefectβ€œ has to do with my relationships not working out properly or if I just have a stupid man radar. Outside of my personal life, I am very excited about the upcoming television shows coming into my living room this number both #BH90210 Along with #DogsMostWanted. As I am not alone with the Pham and ammonium of both shows it is going to be difficult to watch some of it because, with 90210, we will not have Dylan-God had other plans for Luke Perry as he also had other plans for Beth Chapman. When these idols leave this earth it hurts the fans but the fans are not as important as the family of these celebrities. With my β€œfriendship” Kassius, I have learned a lot I know that they’re just regular human beings and their regular people are just high profile, Regardless they are still an β€œidol” to some and some find it very difficult to talk to their idols. I will keep that in mind if I get to meet Mr. Jeffree Star. With that, I’m going to take a little leave until I get fresh information to post. Be back later OK so I just got an email from Morphe, I did not win the meet and greet but that doesn’t mean I’m not going. You can still go and see the sights etc. but necessarily do I need to get anything at Morphe, at Mac anywhere? Not really I can still use the day at the mall to unwind and get some blogging material because sitting home and knitting all day is fun but some days I want to get out of the house and stretch my legs etc. am I disappointed, yes was I expecting to win no but it would’ve been nice