Cyberattack on US pipeline is linked to criminal gang

NEW YORK (AP) — The cyberextortion attempt that has forced the shutdown of a vital U.S. pipeline was carried out by a criminal gang known as DarkSide that cultivates a Robin Hood image of stealing from corporations and giving a cut to charity, a person close to the investigation said Sunday… — Read on

Eagles’ Zach Ertz not going anywhere unless price is right | RSN

Eagles’ Zach Ertz not going anywhere unless price is right | RSN— Read on

Bernie Madoff, who ran the world’s largest Ponzi scheme, is dead – ABC News

Bernie Madoff, the once-celebrated figure on Wall Street, has died.— Read on

How Trump Steered Supporters Into Unwitting Donations

Stacy Blatt was in hospice care last September listening to Rush Limbaugh’s dire warnings about how badly Donald Trump’s campaign needed money when he went online and chipped in everything he could: $500. It was a big sum for a 63-year-old battling cancer and living in Kansas City on less than $1,000 per month. ButContinue reading “How Trump Steered Supporters Into Unwitting Donations”

Apple CEO Escalates Battle With Facebook Over Online Privacy

Apple CEO Tim Cook fired off a series of thinly veiled shots at Facebook and other social media companies over online privacy Thursday. — Read on

Brooklyn fiber cut appears to cause East Coast Verizon FiOS outage – DCD

Throwing up errors and delays for customers beyond just New York— Read on

2 Florida Banks Close Trump’s Accounts

Two Miami-area banks have cut ties with former President Donald Trump by closing his accounts, multiple outlets reported …— Read on

Biden’s Final Pitch To Georgia: Vote Blue And $2,000 Checks Will ‘Go Out The Door Immediately’

The Republican-controlled Senate blocked legislation that would have sent out $2,000 direct payments to Americans last month. — Read on

Single Mom on the Verge of Becoming Homeless Builds a $10K Tiny Home

This recently-divorced mother left with two kids was on the verge of becoming homeless, but she came up with an awesome idea and made…— Read on