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Montco School Tax Increases For 2019-20, District-By-District | Norristown, PA Patch

Montco School Tax Increases For 2019-20 – Norristown, PA – Montgomery County has 23 school districts. Which one has biggest tax increase this year?
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Midnight Madness 

So I just got back into bed,was spending some late night quality time with my furkid who for some reason decided that 11:00 pm was a dandy time to be wide awake and thirsty plaything. So as I’m  resting on her sofa I get to thinking about zillions of ideas for many different ventures I could embark upon. I’ve thought it would be awesome if I was able to make some money off of my tweets or maybe my blog but the only problem is that I honestly don’t know who I could trust. I’m not looking to make  gazillions of dollars but just enough to have a pretty good amount of spending cash. I’m always on Twitter since I don’t watch broadcast news since I prefer not to get myself stressed out over the severe problems going on with this world. I really want to be able to connect with like minded people who share my interests but could benefit from my crazy publishings. I follow a lot of the breaking police and fire/rescue news + also NASCAR. I’m a longtime country music and NKOTB fan. Yes I’m aware fully that my entries jump subjects but it’s the way my brain operates. So I need to get some sleep since I have another long day ahead. Definitely will be returning with more randomly selected thoughts in the daylight hours