@hobbylobby #Sugarwheel Review

Dear fellow crafters, I never thought I would be writing a negative review of any yarn that I purchased but the time come- I was completely excited to work with Hobby Lobby yarn but I am rather dissatisfied and disappointed with the SugarWheel. Not only is it expensive but it is rough texture and in less than 30 minutes of knitting, I had two major knots. I still have two cakes left which I will use but I don’t have any intention of buying more at this moment.

Monday Rambles II

Hello and welcome to part two of this morning’s ramblings, I was able to get my nails done this morning and I was going for a jet black but I changed my mind after the color I chose actually turned out to be an espresso brown which is very pretty. I am going to continue my good day even though I probably confused my manicurist because I booked and edited my appointment probably three times today-anyway I am sitting home with the girls watching television, looking forward to getting out this afternoon with them and they have a wellness check today and again I’m looking forward to it. Prior to the nail appointment, I got my exercise in at the mall. Looking ahead I am excited to receive my next order from Lenny & Larry’s because I ordered a single box of pumpkin spice. Next on the list will be an order of the crunchy cookies and the keto cookies. Tonight is going to be interesting because I’m hoping to give a lot of knitting finished but also hope that I can get some reading done. Until then, I think I have said enough.

Wednesday Notes

Good afternoon, I got to go out and about a little bit today which kind of eased my anxiousness and I finally got to go to #HobbyLobby- I have been there before but not to my home store. I didn’t buy yarn surprisingly but I did buy my coffee cups, I have been wanting to craft related coffee mugs for a very long time and I finally got them and I spent under $15 which is amazing in itself. Tonight is the big night for us #PeachPit Pals because the 30-year reunion or shall I say the 20-year reunion is finally coming to television. So I just had dinner, I know it’s early for dinner but we eat early, anyway I’m feeling better after my outing and I think I said that at the beginning of this blog but whatever. When we went to Costco I got another set of #NewPillows, so I just had dinner, I know it’s early for dinner but we eat early, anyway I’m feeling better after my outing and I think I said that at the beginning of this blog but whatever. When we went to Costco I got another set of #NewPillows, #BeautyRestBlack- when you have a Chihuahua with unexplained reflux you need to have as many pillows as possible so yeah. I’m also anticipating the new drop from #JeffreeStarXMorphe. Question is when am I going to bite considering I have a shopping addiction-people might say I don’t need another collaboration collection but when you’re a makeup junkie and you want to be up-to-date as possible, yes you do need it. Right now it’s storming which is fine I don’t mind spring and summer thunderstorms. What I don’t like is a cold rain. Right now I am watching #AETV and specifically #PsychicKids: children of the paranormal episode is the house of spirits. Coming up after that is #Ghost Hunters, not the revitalized ghost hunters the original ghost hunters which I will be watching until the big one which is #BH90210 Until later I’m out of here I may be back later tonight I may not be. Have a great day great night I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow.

Saturday Notes And Updates

Hello and happy Saturday, it has been a very long week since hurricane Jeffree And I swear that I thought it was Sunday today-no joke. I just finished at the gym, I have lost half a pound so let’s go I have five or 6 pounds to go. Life is good I just did a little research on hard seltzer and I am very happy to know that one of my Browns comes in individual flavor packs which are awesome because I will be at Nick that there are some flavors I like better than others. On the Lulu front, he is now eating yogurt, etc. and she has not put up since yesterday. As a new Chihuahua mama, this is puzzling and confusing but I know there’s nothing seriously wrong because I consulted a friend who has had a Chihuahua for at least 15 years. Also, I have found that I like milk in my coffee regular milk but not every day. I like the coconut milk yogurt over regular yogurt and otherwise, I am very excited about #BH90210 Going back to our TVs and our lives. Part of me has digressed to my childhood because it was such a good part of my life with happy memories. I did post a photo on Instagram of today’s makeup look it is all #TooFacedCosmetics And #TarteCosmetics, Speaking of my arsenal, I am going to be working in that area to organize everything. I have enough brushes I think I have enough eyeshadow palettes I probably have enough lipstick as well I just need to organize that and my back up a drawer for stockpiles. As I dictate this I am walking through the grocery store because it is too damn hot outside again. It’s also great cardio. Not only cardio today but product investigation. I’ve taken a few pictures which I will post on Instagram-of products that I love or I’m lusting after. Some products have pictured I cannot eat or I will put the 19 pounds back on. I am home now so I’m going to eventually get everything uploaded and detailed but I also wanna work on the knitting because I feel like I’ve neglected it over the past few days I’ve not done as much. But I’ve been working my ass off with this blog and with my make up etc. so back to work with the textiles. Just an ending FYI, I know that I contradict myself sometimes especially when it comes to posting celebrity articles. I am a fan of many I follow a lot, but when it comes to posting articles of interest I will post about a certain subject or certain personality even know I love them dearly I wish no harm to anyone and I don’t want to shame anyone but sometimes it just comes down to business of posting relevant information articles celebrity news etc. so I pray that none of my β€œfriends in my headβ€œ get upset with my material because I love you I’m just doing my job.