OK so I have been thinking a lot lately about missing people because thereโ€™s this young lady from bucks county heโ€™s been missing for over two weeks almost and nobody has heard anything seen anything there been a lot of โ€œwild goose chasesโ€ I have flyers on my vehicle about the โ€œmissing person alertโ€œ but my question #Why #Where #Who why did she go missing where is she and who knows something who has yet to come forward  ? Did she go missing intentionally or is she injured somewhere and cannot get to it a phone because her phone was found in the morning she disappeared. There are no movements on her credit cards on her bank statements etc. her vehicle has not been found her vehicle has not been seen. I want to know in the back of my mind but I have questions. We know she is not a drug user we know this is uncommon for her to be missing this long. I hate to think that she Intentionally ghosted everybody but when someone is missing this long? Did they do it intentionally. We all know that Elizabeth Smart was missing for nine months and was miraculously found. but when is this possible reality going to set in for this family? as much as people want to find their loved ones it may not be possible and Iโ€™m not trying to be a Debbie downer Iโ€™m not trying to be pessimistic Iโ€™m being realistic.  when does a search for somebody to come over recovery mission? Why hasnโ€™t there been a missing endangered person alert issued? Why isnโ€™t the Pennsylvania state police involved why is this just a jurisdictional situation. Yes I have a lot of questions and I want answers not because I know this person but because Iโ€™m a citizen who gives a damn Iโ€™m not saying anything happen to her Iโ€™m just shooting from the hip on my feelings of this situation so where is Cassandra Johnston and who has information, why havenโ€™t they come forward? 

#WhereIsCaseyJohnston #BringCaseyHome #MissingAdultFemale #MissingPerson #BucksCountyPA #ChinatownPhiladelphia #PhiladelphiaCountyPennsylvania. #MentalHealthAwareness.    Last seen near the entrance of 95 & Vine St on camera footage around 6am on July 10th. She was driving home in her Silver Ford Focus hatchback, licensee plate: KSA8807  Two temple stickers on either side of the license plate.  Casey had her overnight bag with her wallet in her car. She did not have her phone.  

Bring Casey Home

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