Front Row Motorsports No. 34 team penalized 100 points, fined $100,000 | Official Site Of NASCAR

The No. 34 Front Row Motorsports team received an L2 penalty after the NASCAR Cup Series race at Pocono Raceway following further inspection.
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Texas sheriff who starred on ‘Live PD’ charged with evidence tampering in Black man’s death

A Texas sheriff who starred on the reality show β€œLive PD” was arrested on evidence tampering charges in the case of a Black man who died in police custody.

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Sicker Update

Good Morning and welcome to #Thanksgiving2019. I have much to be thankful for this year. I have my health, my spirituality, and my talents. It’s one of the times where pretty much everything #FacebookAndInstagram are overrun with traffic and they can’t handle it. Go figure. Thankful that I was able to get some done before the overload of people. I had to fix LuluRose’s account. #LunaBrand is her new nickname. Blessed are the peacekeepers and all first responders including the military and medical employees who are always on the clock. After this entry is finished I’m going to go knit and read. Until later.

I’m very thankful for my family and friends also everything in this picture collage.

Monday Update

Blessed morning everybody, I am kicking ass in the productive category today-already got one and a half cups of coffee under my belt probably more before the day is out but it’s going to be a positive day I know it because none of the bullshit is going to penetrate my positive vibes. I checked in with Starbucks, apparently the Rockies are charging me for coconut milk which is a no-no anyhow management is going to take care of that because apparently their messages are getting shredded. I am going to work on my gradient knitting project today also keep my head in the clouds birthdays on Facebook because Facebook is evil when it comes to drama and I’m blessed to be able to have other outlets where I can get what I need I don’t #NeedFacebook. Anyway I have created a Tumblr account and attached it to my Twitter which was or is still attached to my Facebook account and I have tried to post on Facebook but it still says fuck you that’s fine fuck you do anyway I have created a Tumblr account and attached it to my Twitter which was or is still attached to my Facebook account and I have tried to post on Facebook but it still says fuck you and that’s fine fuck you too. Zuckerberg

Is a dictator he tells us what we canning cannot do and that bullshit in this century and he is totally shadow banning etc. people who have the freedom of speech just because someone else gets butt hurt about something doesn’t mean that they are not allowed to say it. If you get butt hurt by something I’m saying #SorryButImNotSorry. Anyway without Facebook I am having a fancy-free day working on my knitting etc. did I mention that the Starbucks situation was a rookie mistake. Did I just say something about an establishment in Oklahoma saying abortion access is love? Access to abortion is fucking murder there is no reason to have an abortion under the β€œhealthcare bannerβ€œ there are no benefits to an abortion. If you are not willing to raise a child, please this child for adoption, give the child a chance to have a better life. Have an awesome day

BH90210-My Tumblr

So this was my favorite or one of my favorite episodes of the miniseries #BH90210 I know there have been people saying that they want a season two. People do not understand that the revival was slated for one season forsix episodes and that was it. Granted we have seen videos from the cast saying that we the fans need to petition for a second season with the #RenewBH90210. People have gone as far as finding an address for some head honchos of fox TV. In my opinion I do not think that it is wise or appropriate to harass a television network – because let’s be honest, the ratings kept nosediving every episode and if I were a network advisor I would look at the ratings and say is this something that I want to have on my station even though #FoxIsHome to #BeverlyHills90210. I love the cast and I loved the episodes for the most part but I believe it ran it’s course. Most scripted television drives me absolutely fucking insane now and I honestly cannot stand certain stations certain shows etc. But I love my actors and I will support them with that said, God bless you, Aaron Spelling, may you rest in peace and you will never be forgotten for being part of my childhood and would you please say hello to our beloved Luke Perry thank you both for being part of my childhood.