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Complaint: Wilco sheriff commander told deputies to have sex with Live PD producer

Complaint: Wilco sheriff commander told deputies to have sex with Live PD producer
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Jennifer Araoz Sues Epstein Estate, Ghislaine Maxwell for Alleged ‘Brutal Rape’ at 14

The deceased sex offender’s alleged madam and three employees are accused of turning a 14-year-old girl into his prey.
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U.S. Virgin Islands locals: Epstein property shrouded in secrecy | One America News Network

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Dirty,Sexy,Funny #McCarthy

so i just got off of the periscope broadcast and it’s inspired me to write this morning. I have several different interests in life and not everything goes onto this website. Every woman has a personal life and some people care to share it on the internet, I personally don’t wish to share Audio/Video or Photos. I am not worried about sharing my thoughts. I am a scorpio female that does enjoy a good romp and an awesome relationship but I will not allow myself to be in a relationship with anyone if all they want is sex, If Im in a relationship with anyone (yes i am straight) I want him to love me and want me for more than what he can think he can get from me. anyway, the way some girls (girls because real honest women that respect themselves wont) post photos on social networking sites nor will they go looking for hook-ups/one night stands etc. So for us women who do respect ourselves enough to keep the smut off the social networks must find a way to have satisfaction, satisfaction comes in many forms, I always have chocolate on hand which is one reason i’m always happy. I do enjoy looking at photos of my male dancer friends on facebook and instagram. I am blessed to have friends in great places so i’m happy I am no spring chick but i’m not dead either so i have a few tricks up my sleeve which I willnot reveal. the reason i named it #DSF is because today Jenny’s guests were talking about a book where the subject mater was a woman’s power, power with their pussy, the best way to control a man is through his sexdrive and in the bedroom with romance. the more romantic he is with you, the more time you spend giving him what he wants. don’t just give it up because you are supposed to. that is exactly how i am, i will not give it up to anyone, they have to prove they are worthy! I’m going to have to write another entry about this and me because i realize i did a crappy job on self descriptive details. I just wanted to get the topic into my catalogue. Until later thanks for putting up with my rambles.