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Ardmore grandmother kept dead in freezer for years so granddaughter could collect Social Security, police say

Glenora Reckford Delahay, who reportedly died in 2004 at age 97, was kept in a freezer by her granddaughter, Cynthia Black, for 15 years, police said.
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11 Signs Of Love Bombing & How Narcissists Use It To Abuse You | YourTango

What is love bombing? When you’re being flooded with attention or affection, you are a victim of a narcissist’s manipulation. To help you avoid the heartbreak, it’s important to recognize the signs of love bombing.
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‘Married at First Sight’: Lifetime Will Finally Address Expert-Cast Member Dating Controversy On ‘Where Are They Now’ Special

After Season 6 of Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight,’ cast member Jon Francetic broke things off with his wife, Molly Duff. But Jon kept up his ‘Married at First Sight’ connection by getting with Dr. Jessica Griffin, one of the show’s former experts, to whom he is now engaged. Lifetime will finally address the controversy on the special ‘Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now,’ airing Apr. 29.
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QuarantineNutcracker 1

OK this is going to be rich entitled quarantine nutcracker because I feel like I want to bust somebody’s nuts for what seems to be playing me for fool and I thought I was able to spot a catfish from a mile away but apparently the past five weeks have been spent with what seems to be a very good liar-It has been several days since I have gotten a text message from him, the last text message was on Friday afternoon and apparently he had the weekend off with what he described was very low cell service but in previous conversations he had mentioned that he had very good cell service at home he had pretty good Wi-Fi but I have not heard shit-I am frustrated because in the back of my mind I feel like I was the victim of a catfish. Are usually do not “date“ people who do not have social media accounts i.e. Facebook i.e. Instagram etc. but silly me, I made the mistake I thought he could’ve been the one but that was just from the energy he was giving me at the time – I have thought it over especially today and come to the conclusion that if he truly gave a flying fuck-he would make certain that he would’ve gotten a hold of me as soon as possible which as of now he has not done. Well I was a smart ass this morning texted from a different number in a French dialect and I got a response which surprised me kind of though it was very nonchalant and I’m leaving it in his court right now because I’m tired of the games that he seems to be playing and at first he said he wouldn’t talk to someone he didn’t know and then he said I’m sorry I can’t talk I’m at work so I’m waiting to see what next happens in the meantime I am going to go about my day with my knitting and my tarot cards etc. I did a mini reading for myself this morning and even though I met still very green at it it was very inspirational and very telling so I’m going to continue to do my own readings occasionally since I do have a deck of tarot cards and a deck of wisdom cards and a deck of feather cards. I am a witch I am a happy witch I’m a witch that you don’t wanna fuck with in the wrong way. As for coronavirus and the quarantine I will be OK regardless of what the governor says regardless of what the president says if we all just work together we will get through this my sister witches are keeping me entertained in one capacity or another so life is good. End of a rant but don’t be surprised if another chapter in the story comes along.