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OK so Mark just did a Instagram from this location and I wanted to see what he was talking about so I did a little digging and this is what I found.


I'm A Fan

Donnie Loves Jenny

okay so i was watching the season premier of the show lastniight and the fact that the fam is relocating to St Charles Illinois is kinda surprissing because most things important are on the east coast. Anyway the network ran a very misleading clip for next weeks episode. it made Jenny appear like she was being hateful to people. i know Jenny loves blockheads and understand her being protective of her marriage-i would be also but to say “if a skank gets on the bus” isnt exactly appropriate. I just think it was a bad clip selection on behalf of the network. when i made the tweet it was only pointing out the fact that many things canbe taken outta context. I dont really need everyone charging at me because I voice my opinion on something. I was not hating on Jenny or other blocheads but for the love of sanity, rad my tweets i wrote