Witchy Commentary ETC

Good morning I have been up a little while and I have heard about the new Shane Dawson controversy and I’m not talking about the palette with #JeffreeStarCosmetics-Apparently when I was getting my beauty sleep, there was some social media craziness. Apparently Shane has leaked the next liquid little mini bundle and even though heContinue reading “Witchy Commentary ETC”

Police: 2 West Virginia high school students overdose after using vape pens laced with heroin

At least one of the students believed they were using a vape pen containing marijuana oil, police said. — Read on http://www.koat.com/article/police-2-west-virginia-high-school-students-overdose-after-using-vape-pens-laced-with-heroin/29674995

The Rapid Rise of Actual Witchcraft in America Is Real and Frightening — Charisma News

“Can we deny that the spirit of Jezebel, the woman known for her sorceries and witchcraft (see 2 Kings 9:22), is thriving in America today?” — Read on http://www.charismanews.com/culture/78570-the-rapid-rise-of-actual-witchcraft-in-america-is-real-and-frightening

Monday Update

Blessed morning everybody, I am kicking ass in the productive category today-already got one and a half cups of coffee under my belt probably more before the day is out but it’s going to be a positive day I know it because none of the bullshit is going to penetrate my positive vibes. I checkedContinue reading “Monday Update”

Ancestor Altars: Working With Your Relatives | Lisa Wagoner

It’s the time of the year where we hear the words “ancestor altar” much more often in conversation. The veil is said to be at its thinnest, and those who commune with those not in this realm stay busy with messages, while the rest of us wonder about our deceased relatives, and what to do,Continue reading “Ancestor Altars: Working With Your Relatives | Lisa Wagoner”

Crazy Rambles

Good Afternoon and blessings to all who are reading this and or following my website. Thank you to my new followers who have joined the fan group since I came out as a NeurodivergentWitch. Lately, I have been doing a lot of meditation, etc – as my journey continues to grow, my library of booksContinue reading “Crazy Rambles”