Hillary Clinton’s Security Clearance

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Split, Engagement Called Off

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Split, Engagement Called Off

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are dunzo as a couple, and their engagement has officially been called off … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the former couple tell us AG and PD split this weekend, with both parties acknowledging that it simply was not the right time for their relationship to take off. We’re told the two still have love for each other, but things are over romantically.


Ariana and Pete announced their surprise engagement earlier this year in May — just a few weeks after they were reportedly just casually dating. TMZ broke the story … Grande’s engagement ring cost right around $100k.

Grande’s recently expressed she was going through a difficult patch, tweeting a lot of personal messages and saying she needs a break from the public spotlight and asking for “can i pls have one okay day. just one. pls.”


As for Davidson, he’s continued to appear on SNL, even mentioning his former fiance in a couple sketches. The last time we saw them together was just last week.

Our source says while things may be done for the couple for now, the two aren’t ruling out the possibility of anything in the future.

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Teresa Giudice’s Husband Joe Will Be Deported to Italy After Getting Out of Prison

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Teresa Giudice’s Husband Joe Will Be Deported to Italy After Getting Out of Prison

Joe Giudice has to get the hell up outta the United States — a judge is deporting him to his native Italy … once he gets out of prison, that is.

The judge issued the deportation order Tuesday in Pennsylvania. The ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey‘ star had begged the judge to let him stay in the U.S. with Teresa and their 4 kids, but no dice for the Giudices.

Joe’s more than halfway through serving a 41-month prison sentence for conspiracy to commit wire and bankruptcy fraud.


Teresa was well aware deportation was a very real possibility and sounds like she’s down to stand by her man. Earlier this year, during the ‘RHONJ’ reunion, she called Italy a beautiful place to live and said she’ll embrace the change if it comes.

Well, the change is coming. Unless, Joe files a successful appeal. He has until Nov. 9 to do that.

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Kavanaugh & Khaos

Kavanaugh & Khaos
So I just thought about the fact that I haven’t going to blog entry in the diary category in a few days. A lot has been going through my mind about everything including the supreme court and the celebrities who think it’s their job to vocalize their opinion it is that their opinion they do not need to be telling us what to do just like the government doesn’t need to be telling us how to live but I am very happy that judge Kavanuagh was confirmed and I do not believe the allegations against him the accusations of sexual misconduct and obviously there are enough senate members that voted him into position. Some people say that the FBI investigation didn’t go far enough-it obviously it was taken far enough for them to be satisfied. So as I’m noting this entry I’m sitting in the mall relaxing with my knitting in the past few days I’ve been sleeping in the den on the couch with my girls. Because they have decided that they don’t like sleeping alone. I have many a times thought about getting an aero bed. The only reason I haven’t is because the boss lady says no-I have two other projects going at home in regards to my knitting. I have several snacks in my bag today that I’m going to turn into promotion posts on Instagram. This is better than having a low blood sugar moment and eating donuts and bagels when I don’t need to be eating them. With regard to my promotion of products. I’m not doing it for the money I never started out that way-I’m doing it because I want to do and I enjoy reviewing products that I use. The thing I need to start organizing in life is my urine collection because I keep ordering different cakes and skeins. So I just finished my Chick-fil-A lunch and got myself a few things at Sephora. Just saw a tweet saying Kasey Kahne is finished with the sport after not being cleared medically. Somehow I’m not surprised, I was never a really big fan of his anyhow. So I am going to go find a spot and sit for the next few hours and work on the ice pop. Life is good I am blessed and happy and contentment with life at the moment. I am my own boss I control what I do. I will be posting the story on the retirement of Kasey Kahne As soon as it comes out

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