Teen Mom – Mackenzie McKee’s Mom Loses Her Long Battle With Cancer | Celebrity Insider

Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee’s mom Angie Douthit has passed away after a long battle with cancer. According to a post on her Instagram page,
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What your pet’s SLEEPING position says about their personality | Daily Mail Online

British animal behaviourist, Professor Peter Neville, shared his insights after a study from pet wellbeing website Itchpet.com revealed two-thirds of owners share their bed with their dog or cat.
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Sunday Quick Notes

Good Afternoon & it’s almost a brand new week. I’ve been very busy with the collection of items. Over the past few days during the holiday sales, I’ve been acquiring tons of stuff for crafting, I’m not referring to knitting. I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing home many new gems for crystal healing. I know that I’ve tried to hold off on book-buying until 2020, but I splurged on a good one the other day which should be here tomorrow.  My collections are definitely growing, Another thing that’s growing slowly is my home gym. I ordered my own Yoga Balance Ball. Something that I’ve wanted for a while- Even though I have gone back to the scene of the chaos, I don’t feel comfortable. I have learned that the gym is a place to resolve stress & anxiety, not a place to cause them. Onto the retail therapy aspect of my life- oh my gracious have I gone overboard but there were necessary items on the list.    Since I feel like I’m just going to go on rambling, I’m cutting this short until later. Blessings & Love to all.