Flu, cold or COVID? What’s the difference, how to respond to symptoms, when to test for coronavirus – 6abc Philadelphia

COVID can look a lot like a simple cold or flu, especially in vaccinated people. Dr. Abdul El-Sayed explains how to respond to symptoms.
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No U.S. government official will attend Beijing Winter Olympics, White House announces – The Washington Post

The diplomatic boycott allows American athletes to participate in the Games but is a significant political snub to China.
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China Says Ready For ‘Friendly Relations’ With Taliban After Rout | Barron’s

China is ready to deepen “friendly and cooperative” relations with Afghanistan, a government spokeswoman said Monday, after the Taliban seized control of the country.
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Experts Say Herd Immunity Against COVID May Never Be Achieved | Newsmax.com

As COVID-19 surged last year, governments worldwide touted the hope of herd immunity, a promised land where the virus stopped spreading exponentially because enough people were protected against it. That’s now looking like a fantasy.
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Arkansas Governor Says He Regrets Ban On Mask Mandates : NPR

Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed the bill in April banning state and local mask mandates, but now he says cases are up and children under 12 are vulnerable because they can’t get vaccinated.
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