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Catfishing Catfish + Beyond

Spending my day with my little girl and watching various programs on various stations. And I have decided that I wanted to compose an entry about one of my favorite programs on MTV. catfish is in it’s 4th season and I’m addicted to this only because it’s interesting to see what people have for “excuses for not meeting someone who they’ve been communicating with online. I know that there’s an uber number of scammers/liars out there which is totally the reason I decided to remove myself from 99% social media networks. I have had small situations that I’ve been catfished but never fell for any long enough to embarrass myself thankfully. The episode of the show that I just finished watching was where two women who’ve never met in person before yet had been communicating over the telephone and video message the last few years. In a twisted way they managed to pull the wool over the eyes of Max + Nev. The real reason that they were unable to meet in person and required assistance from MTV/Catfish  was purely monetary. Thankfully everything worked out for the best in the end.