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So I don’t like to slam a small business but in this situation I feel it is necessary because someone decided that they were not happy with me and they backstabbed me instead of being honest. Over quarantine I found a gemstone and crystal dealer on Instagram. Started windowshopping and decided to open a box which means you can put a number of items for purchase in that box and I guess it’s my fault in the beginning that I didn’t necessarily always check the shipping requirements rules but as my experience went on I did look into the shipping issues and sales tax etc. but many times I’m like a kid in a candy store when I see oodles and oodles of crystals and gemstones etc. shopping online can be dangerous for many reasons but I believe it is the responsibility of the buyer but also the seller to keep things smooth transition wise if your seller has a different name on PayPal vs what they called them selves in lives that’s a red flag regardless of the fact they may or may not be going to a legal name change. Also if they tell you they’re going live on a certain day and they don’t but they schedule for the next day in the meantime they block you and leave you wondering what the fuck you did but they don’t tell you before they block you they don’t talk to you about their beef with youthat’s a red flag regardless of the fact they may or may not be going to a legal name change. Also if they tell you they’re going live on a certain day and they don’t but they schedule for the next day in the meantime they block you and leave you wondering what the fuck you did but they don’t tell you before they block you they don’t talk to you about their beef with you.There was a lot of things wrong with that situation. In the future I’m going to be more careful about who I do business with online if they are a “small business“ you damn well better have the paperwork. Of being a local business available business don’t just go out and get business cards or put a footer at the end of your PayPal account. Don’t tell people that you’re in Ohio or moving to Texas when you’re really in the state of Virginia. Moral of the story kids don’t do business online with shady people. In my own defense I should have looked into this company before working with it but also the other reason I’m making this post is because now I am being trolled by people who are claiming I don’t pay who are claiming I’m irresponsible which is not true I do pay my bills I am responsible but I expect and assume that the seller is going to be responsible as well. On her PayPal her name is Kristen Watkins but in her videos she goes by the name Calliope and she claims that she’s having your name legally changed to Calliope. I have no shame I have no reason to be dishonest all my legal paper work matches up. Do not troll someone when you only have one side of the story because there’s actually three sites. Her side her side and the truth but in this case I am speaking the truth.

When I first realized I was blocked from the company page with zero warning.
Nowhere on these Pages does she say she’s in Texas or Ohio but that’s what she cleans when she’s on her live.

Thursday Tidbits

Blessed soggy morning to you-I’ve been working on knitting and meditation yesterday and watching television of course. Definitely have projects I want to study in the future-yes it involves my crafting-My witchcraft and my knitting, that’s why I’m so peaceful at the moment. Even though I am not switching religions from Christianity because I believe in God and that will never change even though I have my issues with him I also believe that there is a God and Goddess of Wiccan & I would like to get to know more about them. I am trying to figure out the exact difference between Wiccan and witchcraft. I know one is a religion I know one practices magic and I know they can be intertwined or not. I know that I’m a witch I read Something in the basic witches book sample and I don’t like it says in the beginning you are not a witch yada yada yada haven that’s not the best introduction to a book on witchcraft. I know I have superpowers that not everybody else has even though I cannot fly or move things with my nose. OK I could’ve sworn I posted this but anyway it’s the next day and last night was emotional thanks to a beautiful tribute to someone that has been in my life since I was 12 years old and yes I’m talking about a celebrity. Riverdale and Luke Perry- I am very very impressed with how well they did and in fact very very disappointed in how poorly BH90210 did with regard to their “tribute“ and how they wanted it to be subtle and not over the top-honestly, the fans could use something more from the 90210 gang-I don’t think they did enough with just a champagne toast and a 60 second end of episode one photo tribute. Truth of the matter is that Luke was more involved in Beverly Hills 90210 versus Riverdale and Riverdale completely blew the top when it came t truth of the matter is that Luke was more involved in Beverly Hills 90210 versus Riverdale and Riverdale completely blew BH90210 Out of the damn water there was no comparison. With that being said whether or not we get a season two out of #BH90210. Even though I love Beverly Hills, 90210 gang, themselves, certain things I’m not impressed with right now. But what I was saying is whether or not we get a season two-in my mind there has to be something better & more enticing. To be completely honest, the arrogance of Tori Spelling, in my opinion, is a complete turn-off. Making fun of her finances/lack thereof is quite the opposite of funny. Another thing that annoys me about the Spelling -McDermotts is the Uber arrogant attitude of Dean. Airing family information and drama on a podcast is way too much information etc. It’s just been a crazy few hours in my life. After yesterday being awesome, this morning was a disaster! Uncle was once again a complete asshole. It’s well known that Pink is an elderly picky drama queen and does not like everything food-related anymore. It’s a challenge to figure out what she wants on a regular basis. Now I am home and relaxing on the sofa with the girls. Dunno if the television is going on today yet because I need some downtime. Decompression for me is important especially when the situation is massively frustrating. After I post this in going to find some other crazy ish to post.

Friday Rambles

Dear friends, yesterday on a video chat private, I was asked if I was married because I wear a ring-the answer is no, the expanded answer is no I’m not married nor am I in a relationship. It seems to me that regardless of my social status and my relationships in general-I always have an elephant in the situation whether it be platonic or romantic. Do I want a relationship that is more than platonic? Yes but no-if the answer comes from not knowing what I really want right now-that is in life and in love. Do I want to be accepted and loved and liked for who I am yes I do but in that same regard, I am not going to push people into being my friend or being in a relationship. I look at couples and I think how the hell do they do that? How do they have a successful relationship? Over the past 20 some years that I’ve been on social media and that I have been in any type of relationship there’s always something that goes wrong. Whether it be my partner or myself- so with that all said there’s probably gonna be moments like thithe s again where my head is full of crap and it’s the same old crap. But once again I want to thank my followers for keeping up with my chaos even if it’s repetitive I appreciate my readers and my subscribers I will talk to you later.

St Patrick’s Day

Dear readers, I have been cutting back on the crazy posting of things that annoy me because lately, I’ve been needing to find my peace and sanity. I have been doing a lot of work on Instagram-I do primarily free promotions of products that I use on the daily. I am not particularly open to offers of “will you promote this or that for us” unless it is a product that I do use-I got a message on Facebook from a lady in a small town in the state of Virginia-I love the state of Virginia but I don’t necessarily want to hook up business wise for someone that I do not know, anyways she was wanting me to probably purchased from her in order to get a Scentsy Business off the ground.-No thank you-I know about the company I have witnessed certain celebrities work with the company and I do not want to go there also I have been monitoring a lot of make up brands because many are coming out with very similar products there is one company that in particular, I do not like because all they do is copycat household brands cosmetics wise. I am always monitoring for copycat wannabes so everybody out there needs to watch their ass because you never know who’s watching you. And I know there are people probably watching me. I have been gracious so far and I’m going to continue to be gracious about the comments and compliments. Whether I am officially working with any brand or not I am going to be good to them and push their products because I like their products not because I’m getting paid to or getting benefits too. Tonight I am up late watching television, have my iPad next to me because there is a special coming up about our beloved the late great Coy Luther Perry II. It has been 13 days since he left us suddenly and tragically, I have learned so much more than I ever would’ve thought about Dylan McKay/Fred Andrews, I am very proud of how he kept his personal life and family life off the charts off the radar, I wish other celebrities had the knack to keep their privacy. Certain celebrities need to realize that their 15 minutes/15 years of fame is dunno. Certain people need to relax and realize when their careers are at a standstill. Last night I dreamt about my own house, also known as not happening but I would love if I could transform the garage into an apartment. I am used to my new living arrangement but I am very unsettled that I do not have any privacy, sleeping in a room with my dogs Is not the problem-the problem is I no longer have my own bathroom, I no longer of doors on a bedroom-I am sleeping in a common room. There is something good that’s come out of this whole mess though, getting my my own make up trolley-something that I wanted from the very beginning of my journey in to the cosmetics world-today I added a new palette to the collection -#LoveInLondon, #BHCosmetics that is the brand that I found on #Poshmark, Posh Mark is where I go when I need something but I do not wanna pay full price or I do not want to pay full price for an item I want to try. Trying a brand and not having to pay full price is pretty damn good and they have definitely cracked down on counterfeit. I am now primarily a buyer, I did sell a few things for my collection which I will admit I wish I had placed differently so I got a higher storm of money but I learned. Some days I’m Ballin on a budget some days I don’t mind paying full price for something. There are days where I am daydreaming about a vacation but at the same time, I know that if I went on vacation I may or may not come home because I’d be content with different scenery. Anyway hopefully tomorrow, I will be finding some new stuff to post and I may even be starting a new category on the website because I find a lot of things on Pinterest that I really like and I like to share things that make me happy or make me think etc.

Instagram thoughts

Okay so I’m just relaxing here and waiting on the campus to officially open for business. Just thinking about somethings. Like how some people are just plain ole rude to celebrities on Instagram, my thing is that if you don’t have the common sense tobe polite then don’t even say anything-it’s so not worth getting into a fight over.