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NASCAR speedway opens up to take Hurricane Dorian evacuees | Hilton Head Island Packet

Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina says that evacuees and their pets seeking shelter from Hurricane Dorian are welcome to hunker down at one of the speedway’s camp sites at no charge.
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US weather – live updates: 12 dead as polar vortex brings record low temperatures approaching -50F | The Independent

The polar vortex in the US is expected to see records tumble as temperatures reach minus 40F – and a town in Michigan called Hell freezes over.  Chicago is expected to break the city’s record of minus 26F (minus 32C), set more than 30 years ago as the cold snap intensifies. Some nearby isolated areas could see temperatures as low as minus 40F (minus 40C), that would break the
— Read on www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-weather-updates-forecast-cold-freezing-snow-midwest-chicago-record-low-travel-safety-a8756211.html


Tuesday & Storms

So I just got home from a very long day,between the weather,errands and my thoughts I am absolutely exhausted and praying that I sleep well tonight. Spent the day in town and was busy with the blogosphere and periscope. The weather was questionable most of the day and on the way to dinner the skies just erupted. The rain,thunder and lightning was horrendous,making it most difficult to see and drive safely. Navigating through the streets during the storm was interesting indeed. So many people not knowing what to do or where to go,the emergency incident map for my area was lit like a damn Christmas Tree. We were almost home when we encountered a disabled vehicle around the corner from our house and a medical emergency at the other corner. So long story short we went around the block and it took forever. Tonight I am staying up a little late with the princess because she was home alone all day long. I have more to say about the confederate flag controversy but that’s for another day. 


boomtime and beyond

Okay so today wasn’t exactly the best day weatherwise in Philadelphia in fact it was rather chilly and damp. Social media wise was pretty good I have had some pretty nice interactions today also got to view A few good periscopes along with reading some great articles. I did some re-blogging on a few things that I found interesting. With regard to my #boomtime, things did not exactly go as I would like today because it was chilly which means I was extra hungry-that means tomorrow and the next coming days I will need to cut back which I can do with good old fashion willpower and determination. I am going to stay up a little bit late tonight because I want to watch my favorite program on FYI: married at first sight. Season two has two more episodes left and my favorite couple, That is a tossup definitely because all three couples are absolutely amazing. My favorites from season one are still amazing and I have social interaction with them occasionally which is just terrific. Also the second day of miss Caitlyn Jenna and all the interesting information going on with that community-LGBT-I definitely support what Caitlyn is doing and I am very happy that she is finally free I think she is absolutely beautiful. I must say that I am amazed at how the media has been very good to her. As for the LGBT community I think this is a very positive situation that they have going here. Caitlyn has definitely stolen the the thunder from Kim Kardashian’s announcement of baby number two with her husband Kanye West-The “jokes” are already flying about what baby number two will be named considering they already have a daughter named North.  I can understand where Kris Jenner is upset in away because it is the death of her marriage it is the death of her spouse. They are getting a divorce which doesn’t bother me. The fact that all of the Kardashian/Jenner children are happy and supportive of their father’s new identity is wonderful it is awesome to see them being very supportive of her. By the way the reason the name starts with a C instead of a K is because Brody Jenner has a girlfriend named Kaitlyn-I don’t know how she spells it but I think it is A way to stand out from the other family by #CallMeCaitlyn.  I will do another entry sometime before bed tonight about married at first sight. Until then ladies and gentlemen I’m outta here