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VIPA Delays Reopening of Gravel Lot Near Cruz Bay | St. John Source

The Virgin Islands Port Authority has delayed the reopening of the gravel parking lot near Cruz Bay until December while it considers an expansion to include
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HSI St. Thomas arrests Dominican national for alien smuggling, prostitution scheme | ICE

According to court documents unsealed Thursday, between December 2018 and August 2019, Yohanna Gonzalez-McFarlane, 38, of the Dominican Republic, operated the Underground Nightclub in St. Thomas. She recruited young foreign women and arranged to have them smuggled into the U.S. Virgin Islands to engage in prostitution while working at the bar. Gonzalez-McFarlane then housed
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U.S. Virgin Islands locals: Epstein property shrouded in secrecy | One America News Network

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Saturday Scrambles

so I have so many different things I might end up saying and I’m not going to apologize for. I’m eager to follow all of the stories being featured on CNN, not that I like the network at all, but I wanna know what’s happening around my country. With the South Carolina situation, The same-sex marriage ruling and the NY Escapee manhunt. I’m very happy about the fact that all American citizens can legally marry the one they love. I support that and I’m proud to say that i have social media friends who are in the community. With regard to the Escapees, I know very well how the citizens of New York are feeling because we in Pennsylvania went through it w/Eric Frein and the PSP Trooper shooting which took 48 days to wind up. I’m happy to say they took out one of the escaped killers and are on the hunt for the other. There is confirmation of Duane & Beth Chapman have joined the search for the remaining escapee, this coming from Lyssa’s periscope. With regard to the controversy over the confederate flag, I still think there are more important things to focus on because it’s not a state flag, nor is it a representation of a terrorist organization. With that said I can understand where people can want the flag banned but theres things that have the flag on it that are just caught up in the sweep.

the reason I have my favorite beach/island photo up in this entry is because that’s where my heart is even though i no longer have property in the caribbean,i am blessed to have social media connections who i converse with on a regular basis. I’m still interested in knowing what takes place down there. My blog’s Facebook account is focused on all things USVI.