Police Investigating Burglary Arson Torching Incident In Morningstar Late Last Night | Virgin Islands Free Press

Today’s Virgin Islands news today. 19,913,966 readers and counting. — Read on vifreepress.com/2020/10/police-investigating-burglary-arson-torching-incident-in-morningstar-late-last-night/

St. Thomas Man The Crown Bay Cruise Ship Terminal Is Named After Dies At 94 | Virgin Islands Free Press

Today’s Virgin Islands news today. 19,913,966 readers and counting.— Read on vifreepress.com/2020/10/st-thomas-man-the-crown-bay-cruise-ship-terminal-is-named-after-dies-at-94/

Yachts Anchored Too Closely Together In Magens Bay Get Local Citizens Riled Up | Virgin Islands Free Press

Today’s Virgin Islands news today. 19,913,966 readers and counting.— Read on vifreepress.com/2020/10/yachts-anchored-too-closely-together-in-magens-bay-get-local-citizens-riled-up/

St. Thomas Tour Operator Attempting to Establish Exclusive Bubble for Cruise Passengers at Magens Bay • The Disney Cruise Line Blog

On Friday, August 21, 2020, the Magens Bay Authority assembled via Zoom for a monthly board meeting. According to a report from the Virgin Islands Source, — Read on disneycruiselineblog.com/2020/08/st-thomas-tour-operator-attempting-to-establish-exclusive-bubble-for-cruise-passengers-at-magens-bay/

Magens Bay Board Grappling With Exclusive Zone for Cruise Passengers | St. Thomas Source

Members of the Magens Bay Authority Board batted around a loose-knit, verbal proposal from principles of Cruise Ship Excursions tour company for at least one — Read on stthomassource.com/content/2020/08/23/269898/

Puerto Rico COVID-19 cases up, governor bans alcohol sales on Sundays

Alcohol sales will be banned across Puerto Rico on Sundays and nearly all businesses will be closed that day to help control a rise in COVID-19 cases. — Read on amp.usatoday.com/amp/5505142002

Taxicab Commission Wants Limousine and Tour Broker Licenses Under Its Purview | St. Thomas Source

The Virgin Islands Taxicab Commission is vying for control over limousine and tour broker operator licenses and says seeking legislation for that aim is a goal— Read on stthomassource.com/content/2020/07/16/taxicab-commission-wants-limousine-and-tour-broker-licenses-under-its-purview/

Students and Parents Disappointed After Motorcade Denied for 2020 Graduates | St. Croix Source

Some Virgin Islanders are disappointed after a permit was denied that would have allowed 2020 high school graduates and their parents to hold a celebratory — Read on stcroixsource.com/2020/06/12/students-and-parents-disappointed-after-motorcade-denied-for-2020-graduates/

Governor: We’re Still In a State of Emergency, Wear a Mask | St. Thomas Source

Residents uncomfortable wearing a mask should think about how it feels to be on a ventilator, Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. said Monday as he described encounters with— Read on stthomassource.com/content/2020/06/08/governor-were-still-in-a-state-of-emergency-wear-a-mask/