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What You Need To Know About CBD | GNC

CBD products are everywhere, including GNC! Learn about what CBD is, where it comes from, how it differs from hemp oil and more. GNC
— Read on www.gnc.com/wellness/what-is-cbd.html

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Jeffree Star Says Tati Westbrook’s Accusations Against James Charles are ‘100% True’ | Entertainment Tonight

‘He is a danger to society.’
— Read on www.etonline.com/jeffree-star-says-tati-westbrooks-accusations-against-james-charles-are-100-true-125133

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Supplements and Me Etc

Over the past few days I have learned several things about my body and my attitude etc. I come to realize that just because it’s popular to do something does not necessarily mean that it is the right thing for you. Yes I did almost get suckered into the #Pre-WorkoutLifestyle, but after two days of trying the product and having negative results-I was bloated and I had a tingly feeling; tingly feeling may have been the norm but not for this girly. I have a thing about my stomach in any event-I don’t like it. So I’m not going to continue using any product that makes me bloat-I rarely or try to avoid foods that make me bloat. I am not allergic to so clos I have a thing about my stomach in any event-I don’t like it. So I’m not going to continue using any product that makes me bloat-I rarely or try to avoid foods that make me bloat. I am not allergic to Sucralose but I definitely have a sensitivity to it and I am not going to consume any product that I have a sensitivity to regardless of what the company tells me I have an I have been using caffeine since I was a teenager, I know how my body reacts to things and it did not like the pre-work out. I am not going to risk my health and will being just for a promotional gig. Anyway the day has been interesting ever since I got home from the gym; I feel like I have to go again because after lunch I feel like I need to do you more stomach workouts which means no more Burger King for a while because I realized certain oils and grease make me feel horrible. Anyway I love the pair of jeans and T-shirt I got courtesy of my uncle at #DuluthTradingCompany, I looked at the magazine and there are tons of things that I could adapt to but the company is rather expensive. We will see. I am going to put a tweet/Instagram message on my social media with regard to my promotional re-shares. Just because I share a product or a Instagram/tweet does not mean I endorse or use the product sometimes I do things just for the courtesy. With the weather today in Philadelphia I am very happy. So some point today I am going to take my dogs to the groomer for their nails but in the meantime, I am a life outside enjoying the 70° weather. Wish it would stay like this all year round then again that would be called a country California / the island life of the United States Virgin Islands would love to go back to the islands but I wouldn’t want to come home. There are some things I really miss about living on island. Living on an island was wonderful when I was younger but now that I’m over 18 and I’m able to vote in the elections I’m definitely happy I want to mainland. If I could change something in the elections it would be that our territories would have voting rights and that there would be a limit to how many candidates Be eligible to run for election in the presidency along with strengthening the qualifications for a presidential candidate. If a candidate where to run again after being defeated in a primary election they would be a certain number of years that they would have to wait before they were in again and maybe even an age limit to take him a be eligible to run for election in the presidency along with strengthening the qualifications for a presidential candidate. If a candidate where to run again after being defeated in a primary election they would be a certain number of years that they would have to wait before they were in again and maybe even an age limit for candidates because there’s certain things that are necessary to have skill set wise in order to be a presidential candidate/presidential figure. I was going to start a new blog about my upcoming thoughts about my promotional requirements but I’m going to write them into this blog. I would prefer to stay away from supplements now that I have had that “failure“ with the nutrition company I say this because I don’t want to get a gig and find out that the product doesn’t work for me or works against my body. Just because something doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean I’m not going to do courtesy posts for the company. But I’m going to be very choosy on the companies I do “courtesy posts“ for. With that said I am going to continue looking for more content for my webpage-hopefully there is something new happening today that I can post because honestly I get tired of the same damn content tray. Not saying that I need new news I just want something that’s going to be pumping up my readers.

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My Health-Fitness Over Promotions

Good morning from King of Prussia, working out as I write this or part of this-depending on how long it takes to finish this entry-as much as I enjoy getting a little extra help from an energy beverage etc., I have decided that I am not going to continue the journey with the pre-workout supplement. The reason being is that I have a sensitivity to the sucralose and other ingredients. Mixing those with my anti-anxiety medication and allergy medication-I don’t think it’s a good idea. I am not going to do anything that’s going to risk my health for a promotional gig. I was prediabetic and I am not going to jeopardize that either. I want to live a sugar-free or as much of a sugar free life as possible. I’m going back to my flavored water and coffee in the mornings. I just want to be healthy and conscious of what I put in my body. The fact that the ingredients were questionable in my mind is another reason-I don’t want to need to look up what I’m putting into my body. That is why I love working with other companies that have pronounceable ingredients. As far as my skin care routine type then I’m going to keep that as it is. I love my #TarteCosmetics and my magical toothpaste is my definite go to forever. I like being involved with businesses/companies that work for me. So from here on out I’m going to watch what I do with my life what I do with my health what I put on my skin and in my body. This morning I was working on some knitting I ended up project early because I did not like the way it was going so much for the newspaper blanket it is now a throw for my dogs with almost one skein used. So when I get home I am going to work on the Premier yarns sofa throw. Thank you for listening to me ramble this morning I apologize for all the craziness but that is my life right now #Crazy.

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Suplements & Me

So I’m sitting here in bed with the girls watching television and thinking about the day, subsequently the past few days. I had been Uber excited to experience the pre-workout craze but I’m definitely disappointed with the outcome of the adventure. Even though I had high hopes for success, it turns out that I have a sensitivity to some of the ingredients – this means that I’m probably going to be stopping the pre-workout program. Good thing I figured out my sensitivity before making a bigger investment into the company. When I told them about the sensitivity issue, their response was that my body was just adjusting to the caffeine, beta alanine & hydromax. What the fuck is the last two items I’m going to look them up but whatever it is it did not sit well with me. I do not want to go backward in my health journey. Especially now that I am trying to eat cleaner healthier etc. The other question is what do these chemicals aside from caffeine due to my anxiety and also my artistic brain. With all this said, I’m outta here for now and will return when more is on the brain.

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Supplements P2

Ok, so I just returned home from my workout and lunch date with friends. I’ve done a little bit more research about the pre-workout phenomenon and when you come down to the bottom line; it is not something that I want to continue. I have realized that there are a shit load of things in a “pre-work out“ that I don’t need/want-mainly sucralose which is a sugar type of product which contradictory to the company telling me what that tingly and bloating is all about-I am not interested. I don’t want to have tingles and bloating after a workout when working out is my way of getting out stress energy etc. #IDoNotNeedIt. Nor do I want it, I don’t mind doing promotions in the way of sharing posts etc. for any nutrition company I don’t mind I will take one for my team and do out of the goodness of my heart but I am not going to fall prey to another company whether you are long-term established or just off the turnip truck. Sucralose is not your friend nor do I think any pre-workout is really necessary if you’re a beginner or whatever. And less you’re pulling a damn tractor trailer you don’t need it. I’m gonna stick with my protein cookies and my flavored water because that’s what my body likes, my body likes ingredients that I can pronounce haven that I know what it is; I don’t want to have to Google an ingredient name just to know what I’m consuming in my body. On top of that-I’m on an anti-anxiety medication-How the hell is sucralose going to affect my aunt anxiety medication in the long line is it going to affect my autism in the long run. My anxiety and my autism is not something I’m willing to mess with just to get better performance in the gym. I’m sorry to those that I am not going to be working with on a regular basis but my health and my sanity are more important than a damn ambassador gig. I’m open to any ambassadorship /promotional gig except if it’s one that’s gonna fuck with my health. Anyway for the first time in a while, I’m actually sitting in my bedroom-not going to sleep here I don’t think but life is good I am happy my dogs are happy and that’s really what freaking matters in life is my happiness. So I am going to return to normal life as a spokesperson/promotional influencer etc. for companies that I get enjoyment from their product. I do enjoy working with all companies but I don’t really find nutritional supplement companies my cup of tea.

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Supplements P1

Good morning and happy Saturday, yesterday I started a journey on a new formula and I am still on the fence if I’m going to continue with it because even though I like the performance my energy etc. I don’t like the fact that I’m bloated. I don’t know if it was the pasta or the drink/pre-work out that I sipped on throughout the day. While I read the ingredients, there still some things I have questions about and I’m going to take one of my samples to my gym and ask one of the employees to read it and see if there’s anything hidden in the #PreWorkout. I want to trust a company completely before I start working with them whether it be officially or unofficially and there still some things about this particular company even though I like that their local there are things that I need to find out and find out before things go backwards. I do like the shaker bottle because it’s just cold and I don’t need to put a name on my shaker bottle I can end up getting a blank one down the line if I wanted. Right now I feel like even if I do not continue with the pre-work out, I will still do shares. Speaking of shares, there were some I did on my PR account for some new snacks I found and the island snacks are absolutely delicious they are coconut rolls. I also did a test on some granola cookies. So while I am waiting for the boss/chauffeur, I am going to look at other articles to share and definitely part of this blog will be written after I go to the gym.