Corona Note 1

Dear friends, during this coronavirus pandemic I have decided to teach myself how to work with lightweight yarn and luckily I was gifted some several months back and it is actually a discontinued product which sucks for me in the long run because I actually like this lightweight yarn that I was working with but thankfully I have an app that Can suggest similar product so that is going to be beneficial in the future endeavors when I want to work with lightweight yarn. I did not make anything very interesting with the lightweight yarn, I just did a swatch so I got the hang of things. Right now as I’m dictating this entry, I am watching TV having coffee and snuggling with my dogs. The veterinarians have said that during The staycation that humans need to limit their interaction with their pets-not happening because they are my emotional support critters and I could not do five minutes without them. I continue to see dramatic posts from random people but I also see the factual information that we need to learn and understand about the disease/Virus. As I posted on Facebook, I have decided to start doing your own reviews because there’s yarn I love and there’s yarn I just hate not because of the brand or the parent company it is because of the texture. I have recently organized my stash with the help of my mom and have pretty much everything properly placed. I have everything on display and in almost a show room fashion. I have a lot of cotton and I have a lot of acrylics and I have always worked best with the medium yarn but recently I decided to teach myself how to work with a lightweight yarn. Which I mentioned up above. Like I said the yarn has been discontinued but I definitely plan on continuing to teach myself I think I’m going to save the remainder of the unused yarn because if I end up purchasing some on my own, I will need to know what I like because this crafter has a key brain/goldfish memory. I am currently working on two different projects one on A larger needle and one on the size 6 circular that I recently heart yarn acquired which I have been debating whether or not to purchase the interchangeable circular pack or if I should buy them individually which makes sense economically and which ones will I use more. I have worked with different needles different yarns but before I purchased more of these particular needles that I just got I want to make sure that all the yards I have that I like to work will work with this particular needle. This needle is not new on the market but it is new to me and I’m excited because they have a built in cooler I’ve built in gauge and you can tell how large your project is when it’s on the needle. So since I worked on this entry, I tore out the chocolate cherry scarf because I want to reuse that yarn in a new project which I started this morning. A 90 stitch scrap yarn blanket wrap. I have a shit load of red heart yarn That I thought I would be used to make scarves because I once thought that I would become a scarf factory of sorts but that did not happen. I have had a pretty good day even though it is rainy and cold with a repeat on tap for tomorrow. March has come in like a lamb and is definitely going to go out like a fucking lion. Also I would like to make a note that this entire coronavirus thing has me thinking about where did it really come from who begin with it who is responsible who’s lying and who’s telling the truth-do I trust . Government government? No not really-am I registered Republican-yes I am but I’m an independent thinker I vote for the purpose not politician-do I like our UGGs for 2020 in the Democratic category absolutely fucking not-do I think Mr. Donald Trump is better in the White House then Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders absolutely but do I agree with everything Mr. Donald Trump says absolutely not. And I am spending today just like every other day with my dogs who there’s a report out that says that we should not be with our animals during this coronavirus pandemic but the government doesn’t understand fully that those of us with mental health issues depend on our animals and our animals depend on us. These animals that we all loved ones are absolutely living for the coronavirus staycation because they get their parents 24/7.

Hobby Lobby Review Part 2

Dear crafters, earlier I posted a short review on the #HobbyLobby #SugarWheel yarn cakes and how I wasn’t necessarily impressed nor will be purchasing them again. Because of another color block, I decided to start another scarf with a skein of #ILoveThisYarn, while I don’t necessarily love it, it’s much nicer to work vs the sugar wheel. I am currently working a 25 stitch/needle size 8 scarf in Cobblestonia. Surprisingly I have recycled a box to use as a yarn drum/bowl. So today I am working on two different HobbyLobby projects. One of which I like more than the other because of the rough and knotty texture. I was excited about purchasing a product from Hobby Lobby but I am not sure if I am going to be doing it again. Anyway, I am almost finished with the sugar wheel. Anyway, I have to say that the texture of ” I love this yarn ” is much better than the ”sugar wheel”. I’ll be reporting on the Lion Brand yarns I just purchased in the near future.

@hobbylobby #Sugarwheel Review

Dear fellow crafters, I never thought I would be writing a negative review of any yarn that I purchased but the time come- I was completely excited to work with Hobby Lobby yarn but I am rather dissatisfied and disappointed with the SugarWheel. Not only is it expensive but it is rough texture and in less than 30 minutes of knitting, I had two major knots. I still have two cakes left which I will use but I don’t have any intention of buying more at this moment.

Monday Milestones

Blessed Monday, welcome to a new week and a new beginning of sorts. I have had so many questions about what’s fictitious and what is true blue since I came out. Coming from the closet has taught me that not everything you see/hear or read is necessarily the truth! As long as you believe in something then you are going to be okay. Yes, I believe in God but I know there are others besides him. It’s definitely a feather in my witch hat when I get kudos from my favorite teachers of the craft. Last night I was praised for getting the word of about the bibles from Shawn Robbins which as a new sorcerer, I think it is very awesome to be praised. Today I have the opportunity to stay in town or going back to the studio to work and I am going to head back to the house and work because I am on the skids. Also known as too much shopping this month. This morning I saw the holiday offering from #MacCosmetics which I believe to be a color story copy from #UrbanDecay – it’s a selection of single shadows that I already have. It’s called the #MoonDust palette. Anyhow, I got some serious work done which I’m very thankful for, Currently working skein number two or maybe three. While knitting, I was watching LivePD – when we had an actual live police situation outside twice. Some people are not a fan of neighborhood policing but as a resident of the township, I am definitely in favor! So I have been having a pretty productive day and hopefully more of the same tomorrow. I have a few comments to make about relationships and communication. I am happy to have been gifted the wireless charging station for my sleeping quarters and it’s been a wonderful thing because I can have my phone on the charger and focus on my knitting which apparently some people don’t think qualifies as a job but I have spun my hobbies into wonderful jobs even if I’m on a fixed income – It is not necessarily the business of any relationship partner / prospective partner because it’s just not his business if there has been no in-person meet up. Also as a which, I am not going to put any spells on anybody related to sexual problems. And that my sweethearts has been my day.

Crafty Craziness N Beyond

OK so I wanted to come here and Release some energy, sometimes I am impulsive when I push something to social media and sometimes I kind of regret that impulsiveness because I don’t necessarily always think about others before I think about myself and what I want to get on my social media what kind of attention I may or may not want to get on my social media my interests vary & I’m always exploring new avenues of education for myself whether it be a past interest that has bubbled up again or whether it is something fresh that I’m willing to chase. I have had a wide array of interest over the years whether it be sexual whether it be religious whether it be political whether it be just life and when I say sexual I don’t mean orientation I mean just general curiosity about I am pretty damn certain that men as annoying as they are, are what I am attracted to – that doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch everything that surrounds me but that’s just general observation of people which I’ve always had an interest in and when I lived part-time in the islands I always watched everyone and everything. Religion and spirituality and astrology are also another interest of mine as well as witchcraft wizardry etc. I’ve been curious about it all nothing is out of my realm of interest Whether it be good bad or neutral – So I went to the gym this morning and I got some angst out and it felt much better afterwards-I am going to definitely back on the bad carbs because this girl going the wrong direction I know it’s only a pound and a half difference but it’s good to get on my nerves at some point in life-so today is meeting and ghost hunters-I have made a shortcut for my text slang and I’m looking forward to October as well because there’s gonna be a new ghost paranormal reality so I went to the gym this morning and I got some thanks out and it felt much better after words-I am going to definitely I’m back on the bad carbs because the scales going the wrong direction I know it’s only a pound and a half difference but it’s good to get on my nerves at some point in life-so today is meeting and ghost hunters-I have made a shortcut for my text slaying and I’m looking forward to October as well because there’s going to be a new ghost paranormal reality show on the Travel Channel. It’s definitely heartwarming knowing that there is some good television coming back and it’s not all depressing bullshit drama. I’m not quite sure why but the paranormal actually relaxes me instead of getting me frightened/hyper. It’s educational and interesting same can be said for #LivePD, # CopsTv, etc. the only problem with tonight is that #BH90210 and #Ghost Hunters are on at the same damn time-same can be said in September for #GhostHunters & #DogsMostWanted. I don’t know if #BH90210 going to be renewed for a second season only God and the Powers that be would know that. I shared a few articles to my blog this morning about former President Obama and some drama which she cannot escape which very well could bring him down in a very flamboyant way-speaking of colorful and flamboyancy-the new eyeshadow palette from my friends at BH cosmetics is now out for purchase and she is gorgeous just like her sisters #TakeMeToIbiza I shared a few articles to my blog this morning about former President Obama and some drama which she cannot escape which very well could bring him down in a very flamboyant way-speaking of colorful and flamboyancy-the new eyeshadow palette from my friends at BH cosmetics is now out for purchase and she is gorgeous just like her sisters #TakeMeToIbiza is now available for purchase, I am not getting it because I have other eyeshadow palettes that are very similar and I do not have that particular series of eyeshadow palettes I do have the travel series which is a mini-series mini-series meaning miniature palettes. There is also news about the Philadelphia police department specifically the former commissioner and wow I did not see that coming nor did I see or hear about the fact that the #KOPRail is on hold indefinitely because of money problems and honestly if that bitch never comes through I’ll be Uber happy because I do not like my hometown being turned into Las Vegas even though some of the additions you’re absolutely amazing I think it’s time to stop right now and bring in the Republicans/sane people who give two shits about our neighborhoods in our resident population instead of people who all care about money and making the resident population miserable. End of rant end of blog Until later

Hobby Lobby Muggin

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, during today’s outing I’ve finally popped my hobby lobby cherry in the sense that I bought my first items and they were not yarn but that doesn’t mean that you’re in is not in my future there because I flirted with some store brand product and definitely interested in trying their store-brand in the future. It’s just that my inventory is pretty extensive at the moment. I have been netting off and on since I was 15 years old I learned on vacation or shall I say on a trip at my home away from home. I have always wanted coffee mugs it was craft related tonight I found them and they were not online they were in real life and they were only $6 each, definitely a no brainer to get both and they are in the dishwasher getting prepared for tomorrow’s coffee-I to have an extensive coffee cup coffee mug collection but I only collect certain ones now and these are important #CoffeeYarnSpeak & #YarnLife are now in my life. One is black one is white – As I dictate this I am knitting of coarse and my yarn currently is #Newspaper FYI tomorrow I’m going back to the gym because I need to kick some ass.

Saturday Notes And Updates

Hello and happy Saturday, it has been a very long week since hurricane Jeffree And I swear that I thought it was Sunday today-no joke. I just finished at the gym, I have lost half a pound so let’s go I have five or 6 pounds to go. Life is good I just did a little research on hard seltzer and I am very happy to know that one of my Browns comes in individual flavor packs which are awesome because I will be at Nick that there are some flavors I like better than others. On the Lulu front, he is now eating yogurt, etc. and she has not put up since yesterday. As a new Chihuahua mama, this is puzzling and confusing but I know there’s nothing seriously wrong because I consulted a friend who has had a Chihuahua for at least 15 years. Also, I have found that I like milk in my coffee regular milk but not every day. I like the coconut milk yogurt over regular yogurt and otherwise, I am very excited about #BH90210 Going back to our TVs and our lives. Part of me has digressed to my childhood because it was such a good part of my life with happy memories. I did post a photo on Instagram of today’s makeup look it is all #TooFacedCosmetics And #TarteCosmetics, Speaking of my arsenal, I am going to be working in that area to organize everything. I have enough brushes I think I have enough eyeshadow palettes I probably have enough lipstick as well I just need to organize that and my back up a drawer for stockpiles. As I dictate this I am walking through the grocery store because it is too damn hot outside again. It’s also great cardio. Not only cardio today but product investigation. I’ve taken a few pictures which I will post on Instagram-of products that I love or I’m lusting after. Some products have pictured I cannot eat or I will put the 19 pounds back on. I am home now so I’m going to eventually get everything uploaded and detailed but I also wanna work on the knitting because I feel like I’ve neglected it over the past few days I’ve not done as much. But I’ve been working my ass off with this blog and with my make up etc. so back to work with the textiles. Just an ending FYI, I know that I contradict myself sometimes especially when it comes to posting celebrity articles. I am a fan of many I follow a lot, but when it comes to posting articles of interest I will post about a certain subject or certain personality even know I love them dearly I wish no harm to anyone and I don’t want to shame anyone but sometimes it just comes down to business of posting relevant information articles celebrity news etc. so I pray that none of my “friends in my head“ get upset with my material because I love you I’m just doing my job.

Calabasas 2 King of Prussia v1

Good afternoon my friends, I am sitting here working on the Americana project and thinking about tomorrow-it’s going to be crazy absolutely crazy but it’s going to be fun even though I did not win the meet and greet-I have not spent an exorbitant I’m at the mall in a long time and I’m actually looking forward to it somewhat. To have a celebrity like Jeffree Star in my hometown? It’s probably once in a lifetime maybe. I’ve spent the day knitting I’ve spent the day with my kids I’ve spent the day watching television-I already washed my hair I’m going to do my nails tonight and I already picked out an outfit. I will tell you this, if I lived in California, I would have definitely wanted to do the Beverly Hills 90210-Peach Pit pop up. I am really looking forward to Beverly Hills 90210 coming back I know it’s only gonna be for six episodes in the beginning but God willing and network willing we will get it to more than one season-I have been sharing articles throughout the past couple weeks with regard to the stars. Even though I am a fan, I am a blogger I have my own website I keep my articles as up-to-date as possible. Sorry, not sorry when I post something that is about one of my favorite celebrities regardless if it’s good or bad. If it’s an article I find interesting I will put it on my blog. My blog is nonprofit I do not make any money from it – I do not pay for any advertising I do it all free except for paying for my domain. I am thinking about upgrading my account on both WordPress and also a Grammarly because I use both every day-I just have to figure out if it’s price worthy. Hopefully tonight I will have a good dinner and get some good sleep and no shenanigans for my canine kids. Festivities start at 7:30 tomorrow morning but I am not going to be there that early even though it could be. I know I’ve said I have not won the meet and greet before But Jeffree has said on Snapchat video that he will stick around for a few extra people so maybe I will get lucky maybe I won’t but God is in control with all that crazy being said I am going to go back to my knitting and enjoying my evening. I will be updating everything tomorrow so stay tuned to my channels and my blog.